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14 May

Today I received an email from somebody who recently broke his jaw and wanted to write some guest posts for this blog. I thought it was a great idea, so you’ll probably see some of his posts on the blog in the near future.

If you’ve broken your jaw and have something to share but prefer not to start your own blog, I hope you’ll consider guest blogging here. I’ll review posts before they go up, but only to make sure they’re reasonably on topic and uncontroversial. If that’s not okay with you, you should start your own blog. If you’re interested, send me an email, and we can discuss details of how it will work.

2 Responses to “Guest posts”

  1. martin Lopez May 6, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    In her most recent state-funded communique, Biddy says, “We’re gaining momentum” on the NBP. What a crock. She’s only lost momentum. She speaks of the Wisconsin State Journal endorsement, as if it’s something new. Hah. The Wisconsin State Journal is the Wall Street Journal of Madison; right wing, purely ideological rag that it is, they’ve been behind the public authority from the beginning. Their endorsement rings hollow in the silence of the Wisconsin paper of record, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    Then she tries trotting out the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, the largely suburban and exurban (read: conservative) cousin to the more serious and more-influential Downtown Rotary Club. Why doesn’t she mention the resolution of support from the School of Pharmacy’s Board of Visitors? Perhaps because of the embarrassing heinousness that is the pharmaceutical industry? She trumpets the “success” of the privatized Wisconsin Institute for Discovery–whose slick building and even slicker lobbyists–brings in millions from private industry, yet whose mission has almost nothing to do with the citizens of Wisconsin.

    In the face of Biddy’s public relations onslaught, I take comfort in the day, not long away, when the legislature finally takes Biddy to task for wasting millions of state dollars on the no-holds barred PR campaign that is the NBP. Biddy, your days are numbered. The NBP is dead in the water. Your desperation only secures that fact.

  2. makeupbydreea May 29, 2017 at 11:09 am #

    I recently broke my jaw in three places about a month ago from a bike accident. Not only is that scary in itself, but being in a foreign country (Spain) was also scary. My Spanish is pretty good but when something like this happens and your family is not near, it makes it very hard mentally.

    I ended up going to Urgencias (ER) and they pretty much stuck a bandage on my chin that was split open and told me to come back the next day so i can see a plastic surgeon to stitch it. No X-Ray was done at all.

    The next day I came back and they told me that the plastic surgeon wasnt there but he’d be there the next day, so I made an appointment. I went to the dentist right after who told me it would be about a month til he could actually do anything permanent to my two front teeth that had chipped (one was a crown from a previous injury) and the other was my actual tooth. I was scared because my teeth had been push in and the bottom front teeth were crooked (later to find out there was a fracture there).

    Long story short, it took 4 days to actually get an X-ray. I went to another doctor who was surprised an Xray wasnt done. He sent me to a hospital for a CT scan. That hospital mainly focused on my jaw that was unhinged and didn’t focus on any other fractures I had. From there I went to another hospital with a maxillofacial surgeon where I was admitted and had surgery the next day.

    It’s been a little over four weeks since my surgery. Two weeks after, my jaw was unwired and the day before the 4 weeks was up, the doctor took off the screws in my mouth and the arch bar on the top.

    I’m still swollen on the side where they made the incision where my jaw was unhinged. But its really frustrating when I really don’t know the name of the bone that was fractured (since I’ve been googling everything and feel like somewhat advanced in my jaw bone vocabulary). They made an incision right below my earlobe as well and that incision is still healing. It hurts to wallow things (not water for some reason) But foods and other liquids as well. I’m not sure if that is because I now have TMJ disorder or what but I’m hoping to have more questions answered.

    Thank you for letting me rant. I hope the swelling goes away soon and the pain when I swallow does as well. Has anyone else experienced that but it has gone away? It’s only when I first start drinking or eating something but doesn’t happen with water.

    This week I will start with my teeth getting fixed which hopefully the process will not be that long. Please keep fingers crossed for me and if you did anything that helped with swelling or even with TMJ or jaw exercises, please let me know. Thanks so much!

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