If you can’t talk at all

22 Nov

Reader Jude sent me the following, which will surely be of use to anybody directed not to talk while wired:

I am new to the “club” and thought you may like to add some info to the Wired Communication link.  While my jaw was wired up and doc recommended no speaking at all, I linked with SprintIP relay for FREE telephone service.  I signed up with the help of a speaking family member and then was provided with a relay service telephone number via internet where I would type in a tele number and the relay operator would call that number for me.  The relay service would read my typed info to the person on the other end of the line and then the relay operator would type what the person was saying back to me – including whether the person sounded caring, loving, or angry.  You are also able to receive calls through the relay service provided you have the internet on and set to receive the call.  I found this service extremely helpful because I lived alone and was now able to make doctor appointments, get information to my employer, speak with loved ones, and handle life despite being speech-disabled.  SprintIP relay also provided 911 service for me if I had needed it – which thankfully, I never did.

On a side-note, all conversations are completely private and when I contacted my boyfriend who had been enjoying a night with friends ala good Canadian beer, the sprint operator even noted when he was “burping” into the phone.  Certainly wasn’t the best conversation when I couldn’t join in with the fun, but I was delighted to have the ability to enjoy the party during my wired-up recovery time.  Actually made me forget my pain and woes for a bit that evening.

One Response to “If you can’t talk at all”

  1. Alison Jolliffe November 23, 2010 at 2:50 am #

    I discovered your blog last night – thank you!

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