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Words of encouragement from a 90-year-old broken jaw survivor

26 Jun

Reader Melinda, whose mother broke her jaw last summer, sent me this picture of her parents. I first heard from Melinda last August, when Melinda commented,

My mom broke her jaw in two places last month. She is having the wires removed the day after tomorrow and I don’t think she has any idea that she won’t be having a big bowl of spaghetti upon her return home. I certainly didn’t know. This will give me a chance to prep her for what is to come, so all those disappointment tears you all shed will not go to waste. It will save my mom from being disappointed. She’s 89 and very fit. This has totally exhausted her. Just trying to get 1800 calories in a day has been challenging. She will appreciate knowing she’s not alone. With any luck, she’ll actually start using the Galaxy Tab we got her and she can post, ask questions, etc. with you as you all recover. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery to you all.

In late September, she gave the following update:

She had the wires removed on Thursday and was immediately in better spirits. And no rubberbands! Her jaw range of motion is remarkable. She was eating, and LOVING real food. Still can’t wait for a salad.
I found that Bertolli has stars pasta, like the tiny stars from chicken and stars soup. Really mini pasta. She also wanted cheese, mozzarella was soft enough. And scrambled eggs. She proves over and over what a strong person she is.
The other thing I noticed was the second the wires came off she was not as scared and timid. She said she was so fearful of falling or choking.

This week, Melinda posted another update:

I do have good news to report. My mom fell last August and broke her jaw in two places. When I tell you how old she is, you’re going to think it was some old lady mishap (I guess it was). She turned 90 last month. She has all her faculties. The good news it, she is fully recovered. In 10 months!
She even had a steak recently. But no more popcorn, ever. 😦
So, hang in there. I know it’s easy for me to say, but if my mom used a computer, she’d tell you the same thing. A good attitude helped. My dad helped (he’s 92). But most of all, getting enough nutrition helped. And enough water.
We made a list of all the things she had to consume everyday. 1800 calories in liquid form is a tough order! And even when she said she never wanted another bowl of soup, she ate it. She says now that all she did for the time she was wired was suck. Morning, noon and night. But she is perfectly healthy. Her only complaints are her lips “don’t feel like before” and her chin is a little tingly.

Melinda also wrote in an email to me today, “My mom would say, ‘If this little old lady can get through it, so can you.'”

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