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Teaching (sort of)

9 Apr

Thursday is the day that I’m supposed to teach three sections of calculus. I anticipated not being able to teach this week and arranged for people to fill in for me. However, because I had an exam to pass back today, and the people filling in for me weren’t there for the grading, I went along to return the exams and try to answer questions people had about the way they were graded. I wasn’t really able to answer questions out loud, but I was able to write things down when issues came up.

On an unrelated note, one of the friends who filled in for me raised the question of whether I could do math while on Vicodin. It hadn’t really occurred to me that the medication might cause a problem, but it is a narcotic, so it’s possible. I really haven’t gotten any math done since the accident, and it’s possible that the medication has some role in this. I’m only taking the Vicodin twice a day, but it’s something to consider.

Oatmeal fail

9 Apr

I tried making oatmeal. I ground the oats in the blender before preparing the oatmeal, but when I put them in hot water the oat fragments expanded enough so that most couldn’t pass through a straw. Even many of those that couldn’t pass through a straw ended up getting stuck in the wires. In a last ditch effort to use the oatmeal, I tried taking just a little bit and adding it to a smoothie, but this made it impossible for me to drink the smoothie. I left the smoothie in the refrigerator until I can acquire a strainer with which to remove the oatmeal.

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