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Whole grains, at last

28 Apr

It took me until my last seventeen hours wired, but I finally got some grains into my diet. I poured some pasta sauce into my blender and then added a bit of whole wheat pasta. I don’t remember the exact amounts, but I think that it probably about a cup of cooked pasta (rigatoni) and perhaps a little bit less sauce by volume. I turned on the blender for several minutes before adding a little bit of water to thin it out. I tested to see that it would pass through a straw and into my mouth before adding a little bit of nutritional yeast and blending for a few more seconds.

The taste isn’t great. The tomato flavor is very much stronger than I would like because it’s more sauce than I’d usually use for this amount of pasta, but I’m glad to have solved the problem of how to imbibe some whole grains, even if the practical significance is minimal at this point.

The accident scene revisited

28 Apr

This morning, before catching a bus to the office, I revisited the scene of my accident, thanks to the wonders of Google Street View. I hadn’t expected to be able to find it, partly because I wasn’t sure of the location, and partly because I didn’t expect to remember the scenery. However, I did have a map of the route for the ride I was on that day, and the accident scene turned out to be in the place along the route that I guessed first. The scenery, it turned out, was actually quite memorable, perhaps because I spent plenty of time staring at it while I waited to be taken to the hospital.

The most surprising thing about the scenery, aside from my memory of the view, was that it looks like it really wasn’t much of a hill I was coming down. I knew it wasn’t one of the steeper hills I’ve experienced, but I was still surprised at just how slight the incline was. Although the possibility occurred to me that incline may have just been difficult to detect in the pictures, Google’s terrain map suggests that the grade might be a little above 5%. My walking map of Oakland puts the grade in the 6% to 9% range. This is not steep enough that it should have been problematic had I been paying full attention to what I was doing, so I have to suspect that I was not.

Apparently my friends are the problem

28 Apr

Via Google, I found an informational piece about broken jaws. It told me,

Because the most common causes of jaw fractures are the result of motor vehicle accidents and assaults, the best prevention is to drive carefully and choose your friends wisely. A more realistic step that can be taken is wearing protective devices in sporting activities.

If only I had chosen my friends more carefully. . . Seriously, though, are a large proportion of assaults between friends? This is definitely news to me.

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