Apparently my friends are the problem

28 Apr

Via Google, I found an informational piece about broken jaws. It told me,

Because the most common causes of jaw fractures are the result of motor vehicle accidents and assaults, the best prevention is to drive carefully and choose your friends wisely. A more realistic step that can be taken is wearing protective devices in sporting activities.

If only I had chosen my friends more carefully. . . Seriously, though, are a large proportion of assaults between friends? This is definitely news to me.

One Response to “Apparently my friends are the problem”

  1. David Saffer May 4, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    re: the danger of assault

    This reminds me of the saying in a recently-opened fortune cookie from a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, NY:

    There is not substitute for good manners, except, maybe fast reflexes.

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