My insurance situation

7 Apr

When it comes to insurance, I happen to be very lucky. I have dual coverage for both medical and dental insurance. I get one set of coverage through the university. The fee is waived because of my job as a Graduate Student Instructor, but the plan is the student plan, which is most likely not as good as the plan that faculty and other employees have. I also have coverage through my father’s health and dental insurance plans, thanks to the Massachusetts healthcare reform law. While the main effect of this law was to expand coverage to almost all Massachusetts residents, it also contained a provision that required healthcare plans in the state to cover children for two years after loss of dependency (or until a certain age, which I think is 25). Since my parents are insured in Massachusetts through my father’s work, I’m covered under their plan. If I get through this situation in decent financial shape, I may just have to send Mitt Romney (who signed the healthcare reform law as governor) a letter of appreciation.

2 Responses to “My insurance situation”


  1. My dual insurance coverage explained « jawbroken - May 4, 2009

    […] I’ve come across some information on the University Health Services (UHS) website on how my dual insurance coverage with the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and my father’s plan works: Services provided […]

  2. Resolving the ambulance bill « jawbroken - May 14, 2009

    […] my insurance company about an authorization. This wasn’t very helpful because both of my insurance plans are affiliated with BlueCross, but I didn’t press the issue […]

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