The wired diet

10 Apr

Now that I’ve been wired for a couple of days, my nourishment habits are starting to fall into a pattern. I drink a lot of smoothies, perhaps four to six (each about 3 cups) per day. The ingredients of the smoothies aren’t exactly the same each time, but usually I use soy milk, soy protein powder, and some soy yogurt. I have some frozen fruit and some bananas, but they tend not to blend well enough to pass through both the straw and the small gaps between my teeth. I’d like to get some rice milk to use instead of soy milk so that I’m not taking in so much soy.

I’ll usually also eat one can of soup per day. This requires the soup to be pureed in the blender. I wish that I could eat a bit more soup in a day, but I’m hesitant to try because of the sodium content.

Much of my perishable solid food has gone into the freezer. This includes some pasta, a loaf of bread, and some Chickpea Cutlets from Veganomicon that I made on Saturday. The red bell peppers and salad greens in my refrigerator will unfortunately probably rot before I can eat them.

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